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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Punch Art

I had a request to make a punch art Hello Kitty, so here she is! My daughter is obsessed with this little cat so you might see a few more of these!

Here is how I made her:
These directions are for my first Hello Kitty that I made. Then I will tell you the modifications for the one that is on the card.
Using the small oval punch I punched out two white and two regal Rose shapes for the arms. I cut the ends off of the rose ones and glued them on top of the whites.

I then punched a wide oval regal Rose shape. I put it back into the wide oval punch in the opposite direction and punched the bottom off. Then I used the small oval shape to make the neck part. I glued this on top of a white wide oval and then punched the bottom off just below the rose.

I cut a small slice in the bottom to make the two separate feet and rounded the edges. I glued the arms on the back.

The head is punched with the wide oval punch. The ears are the larger side of the butterfly sticking out the top of the head. I did cut a small amount off the inside of the butterfly wings where the arrows are just to make the ears a little bit pointier.

Her whiskers are using the slot punch (which is retired) or you could just cut little slits out of black paper. The bow is the large hole on the owl punch for the two outside pieces and the center circle is the middle size circle on the owl punch. I used a scissors to cut the edges of the outside circles down a bit. Her head is on with a dimensional. Her features are drawn on with markers.

After doing the first one I made a few adjustments. Here I used the 1 3/4" circle punch to round the edges of the head (still with a wide oval punch) so that it was not so wide. I cut the slot punch shapes in half to make the whiskers a little bit skinnier. I also used the 3/4" circle punch with the sides slimmed down a bit to make the front leg out like she is running. I used the Sahara Sand marker for all of the shading.

Hope you like her. I would love to see what you do with it!
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