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Friday, December 2, 2011

Double Lattice Ornament

After I did my other Lattice Die ornament, I looked through Splitcoast for more ornament ideas. I not only found that someone else had already done the same thing I did, but I saw a great new way to layer the lattice shapes on the Sunshine, Smiles & Stamps blog. This made me think how nice it would look to combine these two ideas, and this ornament was the result!
I love it! The pictures really do not do this justice, it is gorgeous in person, especially when it spins.

Here is how you can make it:
Using the Big Shot, cut out your Lattice in two different colors. You are going to use the Two-Way glue pen and stick them on top of each other like shown. Then using the Simply Scored, you are going to score right down the middle in one direction and fold it in half.

Then you are going to glue them back to back just like you did for my Lattice Die ornament. I made eight of these total for the entire ornament.

Here it is with a red background so you can see the white better.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

In-laws Birthday Card

Here is the card that I made for my In-laws birthday yesterday. They share a birthday as well as their sofa each night. My father-in-law watches TV and snoozes while my mother-in-law knits. I thought this card would be perfect for them! I am truly blessed with not only amazing parents, but in-laws as well!

Here is how I made them below!
For the main card I folded in half a 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" piece of Not Quite Navy card stock. I cut the corners rounded at the top fold and sponged the edges and center. I freehand cut the top pieces and put it on top with Dimensionals. Make sure you sponge behind where the cushion hits so it pops out more.

So here is what your card base will look like after they are together. I also put shading with the marker and highlights with the white gel pen after.

For the punching of the people:
head- 1" circle
hair - 1-1/4" circle
torso - wide oval punch
hips - retired small oval punch
legs - retired small oval punch
feet - toe from stocking punch
arms - medium heart on heart-to-heart punch
remote control - top from the stocking punch
hands - large circle on the owl punch with a finger cut out
the footrest is just a rectangle with the corners rounded

for the knitting:
I used sticky strip and put it around the word window punch for the scarf, and then around the 1/2" circle for the ball of yarn. You really have to put the sticky strip on both sides and then just wrap it with the Bakers twine. The needles are cut freehand.

head - 1/2" circle
ears - mini heart from the owl punch
body - retired small oval punch

Just about every layer is put on with Dimensionals, so in person this card really pops out at you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mini Honeycomb Ornaments

I usually try to only do one post per day, so I don't run out of things to post... but with Christmas in less then a month, I think I have more project ideas then days!
So keep checking back often, I am on an ornament kick right now, so there might be multiple posts per day!
I have to send a thank you out to Ellen Williams for this great idea. After seeing the large Honeycomb Ornament that I posted this morning, she emailed me and suggested doing it with the ornament punch. I thought it would be too small, but I tried it and they came out so cute! You do have to put less glue dots on them, so you can see what I did below.

Tips for making these:

1. You can cut your 12" paper into 3-3/8" x 12" strips and punch both sides to get the most punched ornaments out of your DSP.
2. You can stack two punched shapes on top of each other and score them on the Simply Scored at the same time!
3. You want to make these out of DSP, not card stock. Card stock would be too thick I think, and you need the paper to bend.

4. Get a very sharp ended tweezers to put the glue dots on. It picks them up so easily and puts them down without sticking to the tweezers. You can get these in the beauty isle near makeup stuff. It is worth the investment in a good sharp pair instead of the dull $2 version.
5. Use Dotto removable adhesive to put your first folded shape down on your scrap paper, this makes them stay still and easier to stack.

And here is how I made these:
(Check my Honeycomb Ornament post for the rest of the directions for the larger size.)

For the first picture above, here is how I did the glue dots. I made this one simple and only did two spots. This was really easy and quick to do. I would suggest doing it this way if you are doing lots of them, or doing this with a group.
Once you put the one glue dot down, fold over the ornament and put the dot in the other spot and put the next one on top. I labeled my diagram with the colors of my DSP paper sides so I would not get confused. I did 13 of these shapes for this one.

Here is how I did the second one. One side has the two at either end, and the next side has it in the middle. Once you get this one together, you really have to manually bend the papers to get them to open up and it kind of folds them instead of just bending. Kind of a pain, so I would suggest the first way unless you have a lot more patience then me! I did 10 of these shapes for this one.

Hope you have fun with these, they are perfect for little trees!
They also fit perfectly in my 6 Pack Ornament Holder and make a great gift!

Honeycomb Ornament - FREE Template!

I saw the tutorial to make this ornament on Splitcoast and I just had to try it. I do not have the die they used, so I made a template for a similar shape.

You can get the FREE template and see the directions below!

I have listed the things I did that were different from the tutorial on Splitcoast, but you will need to check out the original tutorial for the full directions because I do not have pictures of each step. It is the Honeycomb Ornament Tutorial.

Each one of these shapes can be cut out of a 4" square of paper, so you get 9 out of one 12" sheet, and you need 18 cut shapes to make one ornament. So two pieces of DSP.

Once you have all of your shapes cut out, fold them all in half. Mark up the template like shown below for where you want to put your glue dots. I used hot glue to keep mine together, instead of a ton of glue dots and it worked pretty good.

This was a lot of work to do, but this ornament is gorgeous! When it spins and moves it really looks beautiful. I used the 1/8" Real Red ribbon going down the center and the old Pretties Kit beads for the bottom.

Click on the template image below to download the FREE template!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lattice Die Tree Ornament

Here is my Christmas Ornament that I made using the Lattice Die with the Big Shot. This came out so gorgeous, the pictures really do not do it justice.
You can see how I made it below!

Cut out six Lattice shapes using Whisper White card stock and the Big Shot. You can cut out more, and I bet that would look even better. Fold each lattice shape in half like shown.

Once they are all folded in half, glue each half to the next one so you have a stack of lattice shapes, folded in half, stacked up. Then just take the two ends and glue them together.
I did use Cherry Cobbler seam binding ribbon down the center to make the hanging part, but that was the most difficult part of getting it together. I would suggest just attaching the hanging string at the top or using really thin ribbon to go down the center. Once you have that in, then you glue the last sides together. I used the Two-way glue pen for this and it worked great. I also used the retired Pretties Kit for the beads that I hung at the bottom, but you could use any beads.
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