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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Folded Star Ornament(2)

This is a very easy way to make a perfect star every time without measuring!
I used Serene Snowflakes(#115438) from the 2009-2010 Holiday Mini Catalog and Brocade Blue ink.

Directions for the fold:
You can start with whatever size paper you want for this. The star will be significantly smaller then the paper you start with.

Fold the paper in half. (folds to make are shown in black)

Fold top right corner(A) over to bottom left corner(A)

It will look like the image below.
Then you will fold the right edge A to meet the left edge A, folding on the black line I have drawn for help.

It will now look like the picture below.
You will then fold the top left flap over the back to match up with the triangle that you already have.

It will look like the photo below. you will then cut on the black line. The top part will unfold to be the star. Depending on how steep you cut that diagonal line will make your star points steeper or more stubby.

This just shows the cut

This is what the unfolded star will look like.

I then just folded the peaks and valleys to look like below
I stamped the serene snowflakes middle sized flake in the center with brocade blue.

Then just edged with a sponge in blue.

Last I used the crop-o-dile and put a brad in and added the string to hang! So simple!

Hope you like it!

Punched Thanksgiving Pie

I saw this punched pie on Andrea Waldorf's blog and I just had to try it! Mine is slightly different from hers but what a great idea!

Supplies Needed:

Celebrate everything(#114942)

ruby red
so saffron
more mustard
chocolate chip
creamy caramel
going gray
whisper white

Chocolate chip

scallop oval punch(#114889)
wide oval punch(#112082)
horizontal slot punch(#105089)
circle cutter
Scallop circle #2 big shot die
white gel pen

To make weaved background start with a so saffron and ruby red piece of paper, each about 4"x5.25".
Cut strips of paper out of both of them as thick as you want your weave to be. Cut one horizontally and the other vertically. Mine are 3/8" wide.

Weave one paper through all the others and glue all the ends together so it will be easier to weave the rest through.
Then just one at a time weave the paper through over and under, opposite each time.

Once I got them all through I glued all of the edges so it would stay together, then trimmed the excess. I did it a little uneven so it didn't look too perfect.

Next punch out a piece of creamy caramel paper with the scallop oval. Put it inside the wide circle punch and punch off the top of it to make the top of the pie shape. See below.

Cut a choc. chip rectangle 1.75"x 1" or so, does not have to be exact. Put it in the wide oval punch and round one of the long sides.

Then cut the sides at an angle so they look like the base of the pie. Below is what the pieces should look like. You will also need a large oval out of going gray.

Out of ruby red you are going to punch 4 pieces using the horizontal slot punch. Then with a scissors I angled the ends of one side.
All off the pie pieces got edged with chocolate chip ink using a dauber.
Then with the white gel pen I added a little extra detail like below.

Glue the top onto your pie and all the pieces together like in the photo.
I used the scallop circle die and the big shot to get the large more mustard scallop circle and then the circle cutter to cut the white inner circle.
I stamped celebrate with chocolate chip ink on white paper and edged it with choc. chip. I also used the dauber on the weave to make it look a little more distressed.
Then you just stick it all together!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shadow Box Card with Opening Gate

Directions for this card to come! Check back soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tri-fold Accordion Scrapbook Kit for Sale!!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Star Tree Ornament

Updated!! Easier way to put this together!!

This is my new Star Tree Ornament! I used the Specialty Designer Series Paper, Christmas Cocoa Specialty(#116770) from the 2009-2010 Holiday Mini Catalog.

You will need:
5- 4"x4" pices of designer double sided paper
mini glue dots, sticky strip or tombow adhesive
paper snips
1 brad with crop-o-dile or way to set it and string to hang up

Here is how to make it:

Cut a 4"x4" paper out of designer series paper.(Mine is out of plain white paper so you can see the folds and cuts easier)

Fold it in half diagonally.

Then fold it in half again
You will cut into the side that has the red arrow in the picture above.
I cut in 3 times about 3/8" apart each time. If you want your star to have more loops you can make more cuts. You are going to cut into the folded side.
After you make your cuts open it up to see your square, the cuts should look like this.

Next you will start attaching the cuts. You will need a good glue or tape. Snail adhesive works OK but since the papers are going to stay in tension I would recommend the red sticky strip tape, glue dots, or tombow adhesive.

You will put the adhesive where the letters are in the picture on only one side, either lower left or upper right. Then adhere to the other side with the same letter making a loop.
A1 will attach to A1, and A2 to A2 on one side.
B1 will attach to B1 and B2 to B2 on the other side. Refer to the photos below.

This is what you need to do to all five pieces. If you have double sided paper try to make the loops of the same sizes showing the same sides for all 5.
That way when you put it all together it has more of a pinwheel look.

Once they are all together you will fold the ends where they will attach to each other. I have the fold mark drawn with a dashed black line to show. Fold all five in the same direction.

You will then put glue or a glue dot on one side of the triangle folded piece and stick it to the next one that looks the same. You will continue until all five are glued together to make the star. Remember to put all of the loops going in the same direction.

Notice in the photo below that that are all joined in the center.

Then all you have to do is put a brad in the top of one of the pieces and thread a string or ribbon through to hang it on your tree!

Try this same project with Printed Window Sheets for a great new look! You can find them in the 2009-2010 Holiday Mini Catalog on page 27(#116805). You will have to cut one at a time with a template because they are plastic.
Follow the directions above to make a template our of cardstock and use it as a guide to cut through the window sheets.

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