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Monday, December 28, 2009

Felt Flowers with Pretties Bead

I saw these flowers for sale and just had to try and make one.
The sizes of the circles that I used are (5)2.25", (4)2" and (3)1.5". The entire flower is about 4" across. Pretty good sized but gorgeous. It's a good thing that I have all this scrap stuff that I never throw away so when I feel like doing a project I have it! The center pearl is the large off-white bead from the Pretties Kit. Where I saw this originally it said she used the circles die with the Big Shot which would have been much easier then cutting all the circles by hand. I do not have the circle die cut one :( ..... yet.

Here are all the felt circles cut out. The petals are just twisted at an edge and then sewn together.

I have had many questions for better directions on how to make these so I have added this in. Hope it helps! This is just showing the steps on one small piece of felt, this is smaller then the petals I said to use and another color.

I used a heavy thread and needle so it wouldn't pull through the felt.

For the large petals you have to fold the petal over on itself and back at one side like this and thread it on. I threaded all five big petals on one right after the other and then arranged and knotted them.

For the smaller petals I just folded them in half for some and others I folded like the big ones.

Just thread the needle through one after another and arrange them to look how you want. I did tie a knot after each different size of petals. Once they are all on I put some more stitches in to hold them a little better in an arrangement.

Here is the back of the real flower with the leaf sewn on.

With a safety pin on my coat. Nice and festive for winter.

I thought these would be great for a boutonniere for a wedding, they are beautiful and really easy to save after the big day. Also great to give parents or Grandparents as something special to wear!
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