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Friday, October 29, 2010

Three Pumpkin Snowman Tutorial!

As promised, here is the snowman tutorial!

CLICK HERE to see the original pumpkins where I got this idea from.

There are three sections and here is what you need for them:
small - (11) - 4" x 3/4" strips
medium - (14) - 6" x 3/4" strips
large - (21) - 8" x 3/4" strips

First you are going to take your small strips and punch a hole in both ends using the Crop-a-dile. I used a 15" piece of 1/4" white grosgrain ribbon, put a jumbo brad through one end and stuck it through the end hole in one side of the small strips. I then put the other end of the ribbon through the other side. Then I put the ribbon through the middle sized strips.
Tip: If you want each section to be a certain height you can tie a knot in the ribbon before you put it through the other end hole on the small strips. Then put one end of the medium strips on and tie another knot. This will keep them from sliding up and down on the ribbon. This step is not in my photos.

Put the largest strips on and then use another jumbo brad through the end of the ribbon after cutting it the right height for your snowman.

Now you can spread out the bottom and top strips to form the ball. I used black pipe cleaners and just bent the ends to look like fingers. I would suggest dividing the middle strips in half and putting the pipe cleaner on before you expand them.
Tip: Once I had all the sections on, before expanding them, I put a wooden skewer through the center holes to keep the snowman from being too floppy. Or else you just have to lean him against something when you display him.

The hat is a 2 1/2" circle and 1 3/4" punched circle. The center part is a 6" x 2" strip scored 3/8" in from both long sides and then those edges are cut into little tabs like shown below.

Using Tombow glue you can roll the center strip and glue it to the inside of the small circle.

Then put glue on the other tabs and stick it to the center of the larger circle. Then I used red grosgrain ribbon and snail adhesive to wrap around the base of the hat. I put this on the snowman with Dimensionals. I used more ribbon to tie around the neck for a matching scarf.

Hope you have fun with it!


Roberta said...

You are a genius! I love snowmen so I will be using this tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

windchase said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! My 4 year old & I are going to make a snowman this afternoon.

Carol said...

This is fabulous - thank you sooo much for the tutorial. My SIL collects snowmen and I know she doesn't have one like this - until I make it for her! Thanks again...!

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