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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Convention Swap Layout Challenge - FREE tutorial for the winner!

I got this swap (above) at convention and it is one of my favorites. I think the layout is so creative and something that I have not seen before so I thought I would do a challenge with this layout!
This swap was made by Latisha Dinkel. Such a good job!

The card below is the one I did using the Just Believe stamp set with the same layout. I love this set!
The neat thing about this card is you just have to put it on a single back (not folded) because you open the card by lifting the top note! This would save a lot of paper for a class!

Add your card links below! I don't do many challenges so don't forget to participate!
The winner to this challenge will get a FREE tutorial of their choice!


Susan J Carlson said...

So cute! I love your work, Lynn! I also hope we can find out who originally designed this layout.

Kath said...

Before I scrolled down and saw your card I thought "Just Believe"

Ms said...

I love your card...Love the simplicity and the money/card stock saving end of it. Thank you for sharing your creativity

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn! I made that wedding card! I am so honored that you like it! I love what you did with the layout too.
Thanks again,
Latisha Dinkel

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for the inspiration of your card and the contest challenge! I am sorry if I didn't post my contest submission correctly. I tried to link it directly to that one blog post and it kept bringing up the entire blog. Maybe it works on your end.

Thanks again! Michelle

Meredith said...

such a fun sketch!!!!! thanks!

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