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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Indoor Fairy Garden

I know this is not stamping... but I just had to share my early Mother's Day gift to myself. I made an indoor Fairy mini garden to put next to my painting/craft table! It is so cute! I put it in a bird cage house sort of thing with plastic in the bottom. In the photos I have the front lifted up, but it does close down so my cat won't dig everything up!
It's not totally finished yet, but I was too excited to share photos to wait. It will also have a little wooden door for the mushroom house, a stone path and a fence. I will post again once I have those added.

Hopefully some fairies will stop by soon!


Carolee said...

Very nice little garden.

Myrna said...

Such an adorable creation.
I think fairy gardens are such fun, no matter how old we are.
You did a great job and I am sure it will bring you many hours of joy looking at it while you craft. Well done.

Holly M said...

So sweet!

seau said...

Oh My, this is soooo cute, I want one too...Thanks for sharing your lovely fairy garden.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohhhhhhh!! I LOVE IT!!! SO beautiful and charming!

Carol Carriveau said...

Good for you gifting to yourself!! I love bird cages but have no room for I may make room for a Fairy Cage of my own. Fabulous job...TFS!

ogr8ys1 said...

This is adorable - and I am so thrilled because I have the same birdcage put away from our wedding last year - what did you use for plastic in the bottom? I can't wait to start on my garden!

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