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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lattice Fold Wreath Ornament

I had so much fun with my Lattice Fold Ornament, I just had to make one into a wreath! There are a few more directions below to change the Lattice Fold Ornament into the wreath, but check out the other post for the full directions.

You are going to fold the Lattice Die cut just like you did for the other ornament, then you are going to cut out the middle. I have shown below where you cut with the red lines. Do this after you have folded and glued the loops together to make it easier to assemble.

Once they are cut, you can put them together. The wreath only uses three lattice shapes so it pops up a little bit when they are all together. (The other one used four.)

Once they are together, fold back the outside ovals so the center bumps up, but the wreath lays flat. make a second one and glue it to the back to make them stronger and to be more 3-D.

You can color your Rhinestones with a permanent red marker right on the sheet and then put them on the wreath. Put your bow and string on. and you are ready to decorate the tree!


Alison said...

Another Beautiful creation Lynn. Thanks for sharing.

Margaret aka Totallyawake said...

WOW - you are amazing - LOVE all the Lattice die creations!

Carol Carriveau said...

You are amazing...thank you for the tutorials! I'll proabably have to wait til after Christmas to play with these!

Patti said...

Wow, never realized all the possibilities for the lattice die. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity. Beautiful projects.

Anonymous said...

your creations have made me want to order this die with my next many possibilities I had never imagined...

Diane Ouellette said...

Your designs keep on living and giving! Thanks.

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