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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jingle Bells Ornament

Here is the ornament that I made using the little Jingle Bells from the Holiday Mini Catalog! I also used the pearl beads from the old retired Pretties Kit, but you can use any type of beads between the bells.

Here is how I made this:
I used a small paper clip and straightened it out. I put the bells and pearls on it and bent the ends with a pliers to keep them on. Clip off the excess paper clip.

I unbent another paper clip and put it through the hole in the middle of the center jingle bell, and put the beads on both sides. I did this with another one also, three total. So you have one going through the top hole on the bell, and the other two go through the center slits.

I put a glue dot over the center to keep them all in.

Then I used a hot glue gun to put the flat pearls on the top and keep it all together good. If you don't have the Pretties Kit (retired) flat pearls, you can use the Jewels pearls in the main catalog and the Large Pearl Basic Jewels (upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog) for the center. Do this on both sides to keep everything together really well. Add your string and you are all finished!


Patty Bennett said...

LOVE it Lynn!! Can't wait to try this!!! thank you for the great instructions!

craftystamper said...

Love this one. Have been enjoying all your ornaments.

Noel said...

I've done beaded ornaments in the past with 'purchased' star wires ... but I love your creativity with the paperclips - something we all have at home. Fabulous tutorial! Thanks.

Kay Hahn Casler said...

Thank you Lynn for another fabulous idea!! You are the best!!!!

Carol Carriveau said... are so very creative and we so appreciate your sharing with us - and inspiring me!!!

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