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Sunday, September 11, 2011

SNAIL Mouse Treat Card

As promised... here is my SNAIL container mouse! I told you my husband came up with a second idea, besides the ghost, and here it is! I love this little guy and so do my kids, he is so cute!
Here are the directions for how I did these cards. I do not have the step by step for the mouse so here are the ghost directions. You can see more about the ghost card HERE.

I started with a 3-7/8" x 5-1/8" piece of Basic Black cardstock and traced the top of the SNAIL tape container in the center. When you trace around the top of the container, it is slightly smaller then the base because it slants down. When you cut it out, just cut about 1/16" outside of your traced line.

You are going to put red sticky tape on the top of the lip of the plastic. you only need a few small strips to keep it on the paper. Now put your paper down over the plastic piece, just like you would over a treat cup.

On the back you are going to put sticky tape down the two long sides and one short side, the bottom. You are going to cut out a piece of paper that will slide in and out to open and get the candy out. This paper should be larger then the snail container opening, but fit inside the sticky tape on the edge. You can put a loop of ribbon on the top of this white piece so you can pull it in and out.

You are going to cut a hole in the front of your 8-1/2"x 5-1/2" card that is smaller then your white pull out piece. It does not need to be as big as I show here. It just needs to be large enough to get the candy out.

I cut a little skirt for the bottom of the ghost and filled the container with cut paper, but really it would be candy. Now when you pull on the ribbon, the back tab opens and you can put things in and out!

I have purposely left out dimensions for this because I just cut as I went to fit the size of the snail container. These do not need to be exact. Hope you have fun with it!


Susan said...

these are so funny!! such a neat idea & talk about've nailed it on the head!

Patti said...

Another clever idea. Kudos to your husband for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

If you use the packaging from the three pack, you could have "3 Blind Mice!" Really cute ideas!

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

I love the mouse bcs its shape is PERFECT! Love this idea. Adding it to my "pinterest" board!!!

vdoyle8 said...

this is genius!! thank you to you and your husband for sharing!

Rachael Knight said...

Lynn this is ingenious! But, you do realise you're going to be responsible for crafters all over the world hoarding the packaging from everything as well as hoarding craft supplies, don't you?! LOL, it was hard enough already trying to clear space in our craft rooms...

These are so cute, though, can't resist!

Anonymous said...

How about using it as a Jalepeno Pepper?

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