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Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Convention 3-D Tutorial Swap

I am going to Convention this year and I have decided to organize a swap!

It will be a 3-D swap with a twist. You will only have to make one of your project and bring it to convention. Then you will write a tutorial, just like I do on my site, and then you will be swapping the printed tutorial only. That way you do not have to carry a bunch of 3-D items in your suitcase, but you will have the directions to make them all!
If you have never written a tutorial before, no worries! It is very simple and will not take very long. These do not have to be professionally written, just enough to show how to make your project.

This swap will be on Thursday at 11:45 Outside of Momento Mall. I will have a sign for it.

Here are the details:
-I will provide a template to write the tutorial and it will have to be written in this format so everyone will be able to read it. It will be written in Microsoft Word.
-You will have to take step by step pictures of the steps of the project as you make it. Each step should have written steps to go along with it in the tutorial. Keep in mind it is easier to take photos on a light colored background (just white scrap paper under) so when you print your tutorial you will not use all of your ink.
-Please use current Stampin' Up products only so people can re-create these projects for classes and business purposes. Keep in mind that the retired list comes out June 1st. You might want to wait to do your final project until then to make sure everything is current.
-You will have to have a nice photo of your finished project.
-You can print out as many tutorials as you would like to exchange and get back. They can be printed in black and white to keep printing/copying costs down as long as you can still see the images clearly. I will update this post as time goes on to see how many people are doing the swap, and then you can decide how many to print out as it gets closer.
-If you write a tutorial, please have it be your own work. If you copied something from somewhere else, please give the name of the person and the url of the blog or site where you found it. If you have a blog, feel free to list your blog too!
-The project can be a 3-D item or a 3-D card (needs to have a pop-out feature or special fold), but please make sure it is a quality item that would really need a tutorial to figure it out. Please only sign up for this swap if you plan to come up with something great that others would be thrilled to have a tutorial for.
-If your project needs a template, please have this as one of the pages printed at the correct scale.
- You will have to list all of the materials and colors that you used, especially if you have printed the tutorial out in black and white.
-If you have another swap at the same time as this one, but still want to participate, you can have someone else come and do the physical swap for you.
-After participating in this swap, if you remake one of the projects and post it somewhere, you need to give the credit to the person you got it from!

I will post this swap on Splitcoast and Stampin' Connection.
Please only sign up in one place!
**I will update the list of people participating at the link below only**

You can comment on this post, Splitcoast, Stampin' Connection, or email me ( to sign up.
Please tell me your name, email address and the type of project that you would like to do. If you do not know what you want to make yet, just write undecided.

Your email address will not be shared, it's just for me to contact you to send you the blank tutorial and tell you how many people have signed up by the end.

This swap will be on Thursday at 11:45 outside of Momento Mall. I will have a sign for it.

I think this will be fun, hope you will join me!

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