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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blush Blossom Retiring - HELP PLEASE!

I have received many emails from people about the Blush Blossom color being retired. This is the perfect skin tone for punch art people. I have emailed and called Stampin' Up with my concerns about the loss of this color. There really is no other color to replace it for making people. They are keeping only the marker as of now, not the paper or the ink pad. There are many other colors that are going out that I will miss, but this is the only color that there really is no replacement for at all.

I am asking all you great stampers out there who look at my blog to PLEASE call or email Stampin' Up and urge them to keep this color. Maybe if they hear from enough of us we will still be able to make punch art people!

1-800-STAMP UP



Debby said...

Count on me to call Lynn, this is one color I don't want to see go either. What are they going to do with the people stamps, people are going to want the Blush blossom for that. I use this color all the time not only for stamping and punch art but for my cricut to.
Calling in the morning.
Are they at least going to keep the reinker to go with the marker? If they aren't going to keep the card stock they could atleast keep the reinker so we can use that.
Angel hugs

gstringer said...

i'm with you on this color; i'm OK with the rest of the stuff they are retiring but not this; i've already fired off an email to them telling them what i think about retiring the color...

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