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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

String Art Yellow Rose

When I was a little kid I hammered nails into a wooden board and made string art on it. I had of course totally forgotten about this technique until I saw THIS SITE and THIS SITE. Then I just had to try it on a card!
To make this card I used the Extra Large Fancy Flower punch, the Curly Label Punch and the Photo Corners Punch. I used the Bellas Border roller for the edges and so saffron paper to make the rose and then sponged it with More Mustard.

Here is how to do this technique:
I first cut a 3 3/4" square in So saffron. I cut the inside out, a 2 7/8" square hole. Then I used the Matt pack guide and hole piercing tool and made the holes.

I used thick sewing thread and a needle. I tied a knot in one end and threaded in from the back. Start one hole over from the corner and go across to the next side and go in that first hole. Now your thread is in back, go one hole down and come back up to the front. Now go across and back down the second hole on the other side like shown. Keep doing this until you have the entire corner completed.

The first picture is a view of the back halfway done and on the right is the finished side.

Do the same thing for the next three sides. I put sticky strip on the back of this and put it down on the front of a card with a 3" square hole in the center.

For the black corners, I used the large corner from the photo corners punch. I used removable tape and stuck this to printer paper. I inserted it into the curly label punch like shown and punched out to make the decorative edge. This just makes it easier to hold.

For the rose (I used so saffron on my card but obviously this one is red) you want to punch 4 extra large fancy flowers and cut them like shown. The last one can be cut so you have one two petal and one three petal piece. You want to sponge the edges with ink before you start.

Curl the edges of all the petals of the flowers. The first one is on the left. The next one with the slit you are going to put glue on and fold over to match up the end petals so you have a slight cone and four petals like shown. Curl the edges. Do the same to the rest of the pieces.

For the last two petal piece, you are going to add some glue and fold it over just about in half and curl the petals.

For the three smallest flower pieces, I cut off the pointy ends so I could glue them together better. Then I put my finger in the middle and smashed down the ends like shown on the right.

To assemble them just put Tombow glue in the center and add one petal after another going from largest to smallest. I glued the rose in the hole in the cetner of the card so its really on the inside of the card.

Hope you could follow! This is sort of a mini tutorial.
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