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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Shot Die - Half-cut Technique with Top Note!

This is another half-cut technique(scroll to the bottom for the link to the scallop circle tutorial) using the Big Shot. This time I used the Top Note die!!
Here is how to do this.

Cut out an 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" paper and fold it in half to make the standard sized card. On the front of the card you are going to mark lightly in pencil the halfway points like shown. That would be 2 1/8" the short way and 2 3/4" the long way.

I have used my white gel pen to mark the center points on all of my dies. It makes it much easier to line everything up and does not come off on your paper.

You are going to put your paper in and line up the 2 1/8" marks with one white line and the top center mark with the other center line. This centers the Top Note image in the center of your card.

Put your top cutting plate on but only up to the 2 1/8" center marks like shown. Put it through the big shot like this.

This is what you will have, a half cut top note!

Now you fold back the front part.

And fold the card in half. So easy!

This is showing using the small end of the top note instead of the wide side. It works both ways!

Then I cut out two more standard top note shapes. I cut one at the score marks and the other just inside the score marks to get that layered effect.

Here is what the card looks like opened on the inside.

And here is the finished card!! I used A Good Egg and Well Scripted for the saying.

CLICK HERE to see my other tutorial using the scallop circle.


Kathleen said...

Cool idea! Thanks for sharing these. I am such a visual person and the ohotos help ALOT! :~)

Sherry Muise said...

Wow love this idea! Thanks for sharing off to see what I can create now..

Brittny said...

Another great card! Love the technique!

Whimcees said...

This is a wonderful card idea! I loved the scalloped circle used in this way also! Your projects are always so creative - that's why I love your blog! Always there is inspiration! :<)

Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane

lollyblackheart said...

What is the die plate called? I love this design but can't find it anywhere!

Jennifer Hudson said...

Is there a video? I cannot visualize how you are getting the correct edge of the top note without it cutting through the entire card stock.

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