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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stampin' Up Meeting Swaps!

I go to a meeting every month put on by my Stampin' Up upline, Jen Heffernan, from the Green Mountain Stampers. She is wonderful and so are the meetings. We hear all the latest stamping information that we should know and talk over all the specials and new ideas. Everyone brings their newest projects to show so we can all benefit from everyone's creativity. Usually two of the demonstrators demonstrate a new technique or project that they have come up with so we can all do it with our own customers.
We get to do three cards while we are there that Jen has come up with and provides all the materials for! This is great because we get samples we have done ourselves with stamp sets and accessories that we might not already have. There is no charge for this meeting as long as you are somewhere in Jen's downline. Did you get that, IT'S FREE to attend as long as you are in her downline! If anyone is looking to sign up, this is the group you want to be in! If you are interested contact me and I'll give you the details. If you do not live close by you can get the make and takes and do swaps by mail! Jen also sends out an email after each meeting summarizing what we did with all the directions from the demonstrations!
Jen has over 80 people in her downline but anywhere from 15-30 people come to each meeting. At each meeting we have the option to make swaps, Jen gives us the number of people and we make that many and in return get all the other swaps full of new ideas! I thought I would share a few of the swaps that I got that I thought were great from our last meeting. I asked the ladies and they said I could share them with you! Here they are!

This is by Shanti-McKenna

This is by Pam Tatko

This is one of the make-n-takes that I made at the meeting that Jen designed.

This is Jennifer Heffernans' swap (my upline)

This is Grace Burkins' swap. The center part slides out of the slit punch holder and it is an ornament!

This is with the middle out showing the back of it! I thought if you put your Christmas picture on this removable ornament piece what a great Christmas card for family and close friends! They would get the card and then have the ornament to put on their tree!

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