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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Folded Star Ornament(2)

This is a very easy way to make a perfect star every time without measuring!
I used Serene Snowflakes(#115438) from the 2009-2010 Holiday Mini Catalog and Brocade Blue ink.

Directions for the fold:
You can start with whatever size paper you want for this. The star will be significantly smaller then the paper you start with.

Fold the paper in half. (folds to make are shown in black)

Fold top right corner(A) over to bottom left corner(A)

It will look like the image below.
Then you will fold the right edge A to meet the left edge A, folding on the black line I have drawn for help.

It will now look like the picture below.
You will then fold the top left flap over the back to match up with the triangle that you already have.

It will look like the photo below. you will then cut on the black line. The top part will unfold to be the star. Depending on how steep you cut that diagonal line will make your star points steeper or more stubby.

This just shows the cut

This is what the unfolded star will look like.

I then just folded the peaks and valleys to look like below
I stamped the serene snowflakes middle sized flake in the center with brocade blue.

Then just edged with a sponge in blue.

Last I used the crop-o-dile and put a brad in and added the string to hang! So simple!

Hope you like it!


Kelly said...

Just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Late Night Stampers blog finds of the day for Oct. 26. Not a member? Check out

Carey said...

Your directions are imensely easy to follow. Thanks for the idea and the kick to get started on Christmas. I love your blog. I am here because of the LNS blog finds.


Denise said...

I love it and it seems easy to make. Thanks for sharing so many great projects.

Eveline said...

Thanks for sharing. I got it right the first time!

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